Bad Granny

Bad Granny Ginger Lime

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6.8% ABV


Wenatchee, Washington

The Bad Granny has been drinking some Moscow Mules and decided to put out something that tastes similar. Delicious Honey Crisp apples are infused with Ginger and Lime, creating a perfect cider that lasts year-round. Bad Granny may not be like that other grandma, who babies you and gives you an allowance, because that’s not her role. Bad Granny can be warm and sweet at times, like this one, but is often a bit more spicy and tangy, like that time she pointed a shotgun at the aggressive, big dog that was chasing after you down the street. Just to get her point across when she fired it in the air, and even the Sheriff’s Department agreed with her that she had done it right. That’s Bad Granny’s role in your life, because she’s got all of the ginger and lime ready for you, creating that perfect cider when you need it most, mainly when your parents don’t understand why you ran away from home with only a duffle bags of comic books.