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Biting into the heart of a tangerine is like snatching a jewel from a booby-trapped room in the Temple of the Chachapoyan Warriors in Peru. There’s no describing it unless you’ve been there, and it is such a unique, one-time experience, that no one will ever believe you even if you tried. There’s a delightfulness to the tart taste of the juicy nectar of a tangerine, coupled with the Oregon-grown cranberries, which feel like a giant boulder is chasing after you right after you stole the Chachapoyans’ fertility idol. The Portland Cider Crangerine is its own prize, replent with a ruby colored hard cranberry cider, exhibiting bright flavors that aren’t too sweet in this semi-dry concoction. You’ll have to consume The Portland Cider Crangerine prize entirely the second that you open a can, savoring all of the richness for yourself. And if you do have company over, it is too bad that you’ll not be able to rely the experience that you are presenting to your friends and family when you pour them a glass, and one of the numbskulls say that they prefer Coors Light to ciders… Yes, it is too bad. You could warn them… if only you spoke Hovitos.




Portland Cider

5.1% ABV


Portland, Oregon