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If there a boldness ode to the juicy, succulent Oregon peach, coupled with a smashing blend of tart Northwest grown berries, then Peach Berry is it. Considering that the band, The Presidents of the United States, hailed from the PNW (okay, Seattle, but stop being a nerd), and sang about eating peaches everyday, well, they might as well have sung about Portland Cider Peach Berry. If you are going to look for sunshine on a grey, murky, cloudy day in Portlandia as well as make up plays for your fantasy frisbie golf team, drinking a Portland Cider Peach Berry might be a solution. The only thing that will bring you into a moodier part of Portland is to try to have Alexa play Everclear, which is means that you are at the tail-end of the 1990s Northwest Music Scene, which ended in 1994, which tells you all about quickly tastes change. Portland Cider Peach Berry is a constant remaking of itself, like David Bowie, with lively raspberries, blackberries & blueberries that feel like a raging amount of liquid Starbursts hit your palate at once. Balanced with a dark purple hue, bold peach flavoring and a slight tartness, you’ll wonder what happened to Ziggy Stardust, or Art Alexakis.




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