Anthem Honeycrisp

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Anthem Honeycrisp is not going to be a sweet-talker. It’s a blunt, semi-dry smackdown that hits you with real flavor. It doesn’t use a ton of sugar to junk up the cider. Anthem Honeycrisp is inspired by Belgian White Ales, which sounds great but few people have had white ales in the United States, so what frame of reference do you really have? Let’s just get down to the basics of the Anthem Honeycrisp; it uses northwest grown Honeycrisp apples, fresh pressed, fermented, with a Belgian White Ale Yeast. There’s a coupling there that makes the Anthem Honeycrisp worth tasting. Everything is master-blended, with fresh pressed Newtown Pippin juice, then finished off with a bit of coriander. Because what doesn’t taste better than with a bit of coriander as a finisher? The Anthem Honeycrisp offers up fresh trophic fruit aromas, a smooth, sweet tart balance, and prominent notes of banana. That’s right, somehow, amid everything else, the Anthem Honeycrisp has got notes of banana in it. What more could you ask for?



12oz Can

Anthem Cider

6.0% ABV


Salem, Oregon