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Reverend Nats Viva La Pineapple

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Reverend Nat’s Viva La Pineapple is about a lūʻau that never ends. Reverend Nat’s Viva La Pineapple shares the harmony of the Hawaiian islands, where there’s a party or feast, usually accompanied by entertainment. Reverend Nat’s Viva La Pineapple reminds you of that shared vacation experience even when you are surrounded in the coldest weather, eating such food as poi, kālua puaʻa, poke, lomi salmon, ʻopihi, and haupia. While drinking Reverend Nat’s Viva La Pineapple, you may start to hear traditional Hawaiian music in your head and do the hula in your living room, as its as close to the altar of a Hawaiian Pineapple as you can get.




Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider

6.9% ABV


Portland, Oregon