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There are times when a provocative cider enters your life, changing everything about it with one or two tastes. 10 Barrel Soft Core doesn’t do the hard stuff beyond becoming enticing, and is never over-the-top where they embarrass you in front of your friends. 10 Barrel Soft Core is that one who lets you have the girls weekend, picks up everyone at once because they are considerate, and keeps having your mother ask when they are popping the question. Because 10 Barrel Soft Core takes its time with you, considers your needs, and listens to your problems without just telling you what you need to hear. It is a tantalizing crisp apple from the Northwest that could easily showboat with a lot of ego, knowing it is the star of the show, but like all true stars so close to the United States-Canadian Border, is self-confident enough to not try to bring attention to itself. Because when it knows its self-worth, and to be supportive of you knowing yours as well. There’s a big fruit forward flavor without over-bearing sweetness, helping entice the taste buds without suggesting weird stuff like doing naked Saturdays around the house, because 10 Barrel Soft Core is classy like that. They’re already gone to three jewelers and are just waiting for the perfect setting to ask if you want to build a life with them. Say yes when it occurs. You’ll thank us all later so we don’t have to listen to your drama about the best thing that ever happened in your life getting away because you got scared, little princess.




10 Barrel Brewing

6.5% ABV


Bend, Oregon