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12 Bridges Burnside Fire

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12 Bridges Burnside Fire has been one of our hits from Oregon City, Oregon. It has a slow, burning, good tasting habanero heat coupled with mango. Just in time for those cold winter days when you want infused spiced cider without any of the compromises. It rises to meet the occasion, plus offer a bit of summer-time joy that sneaks up on you. At 6.4 percent ABV, 12 Bridges Burnside Fire, it also gives enough of a kick that you feel it, without getting too heavy on the alcohol content. Not for the faint of heart, this semi-sweet blend is for a small cidery, 12 Bridge Ciderworks, in which every blend is named after an Oregon watercrossing. The 12 Bridges Burnside Fire has been popular as a part of a mix & match selection with our cider customers.


12oz can

12 Bridge Ciderworks

6.4% ABV


Oregon City, Oregon