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2 Towns Prickly Peardise

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Some friends just aren’t getting dates because of their attitude. You see the qualities in them that others don’t, but you aren’t also blind spotted to their roughness, like the addition of the Nopal Cactus Fruit, coupled with a fusion of northwest apples. There are vibrant flavors there in that oasis, but a lot of folks won’t see it in them, because they won’t dare take that first sip. There’s too much mystery there, too much work to find out what makes them tick. But you see it in them, and if you weren’t such good friends, you’d probably date them anyway, seeing that they are fruity, earthy, with a bit of desert flare even in their Pacific Northwest “Seattle Chill” attitude that turns off everyone else.



2 Towns Cider
5.3% ABV
Corvallis, Oregon