Ace Guava

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Ace Guava is the fresh pink cider that smacks some life into your taste buds. Ace Guava basically is the guy who left town after high school, returning out of the blue only seven years later with adventures, while you went to night school and stayed in town to raise a family. That’s because the Guava fruit is something different, unique, and not of our time. Ace Guava is blended with a semi-dry apple cider, meant to be something more than the sum of its parts, and shows it. Ace Guava presents a fruit forward, semi-dry undertones, just like when that guy returning to town fails to admit they ran up all of their credit cards and is couch-surfing for the time being. Just ride it out with Ace Guava, you know they are good for it.



12oz Can

Ace Cider

5% ABV


Sebastopol, California