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If Miller High Life stands as the “champagne of beers,” then the ACE Joker serves as cider’s version. The cider is a coupler, as jokers often are, without its own backstory. ACE Joker battles Batman and other superheroes without possessing anything but its own mad genius, mixed into drinks such as mimosas or can be chilled on its own. Everything depends on whether the mob turns to a cider that they can never fully understand. The ACE Joker possesses a versality that pairs well with food, especially fish or cheeses, but isn’t a cider with a plan. The rest of ciders might as well be schemers, trying to protect their little world. But that’s what the ACE Joker does best, it takes your little plans for the evening, and turns your evening plans in on themselves. And whatever happens between you and your girlfriend after you drink it, you’ll know its not personal.




California Cider Company

6.9% ABV


Sebastopol, California