Anthem Watermelon

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The mistake that people make with Anthem Watermelon is expecting it to be a sweet watermelon. Nope. This is that type of watermelon that you use with salt on it. Anthem Watermelon is a semi-dry for a reason. That’s because Anthem Watermelon has a combination blend of watermelon finish with sea salt. It will snap you back a bit when you drink it, because it’s going to catch your attention. That’s where the coriander also comes in, making sure that you get a full flavored dry taste that matters. Again, the sweet watermelon isn’t the experience that you’ll have with Anthem Watermelon.



12oz Can

Anthem Cider

5.5% ABV


Salem, Oregon


NOTE: This is a seasonal product. Once it is gone, it may not be available during certain periods of time. It all pertains to the amount of inventory and availability in stock. It would be smarter to buy now, rather than later.