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Remember the last time you had a great cider lemonade that held up its end of the bargain. Kinda like that mythical roommate who paid their half of the rent on time or that neighbor who brought back the hedge clippers that they borrowed last March. Sure, they brought them back, but somehow left them outside for six months and now they hand you some rusted piece of equipment, acting like you should have known better. Most cider lemonades are like that. They typically don’t deliver like AVID Acai Lemonade, with a pleasantly tart, sour, semi-sweet flavoring. Normally, that description of tart, sour and semi-sweet is a contradiction that your best friend who can’t seem to get a date uses when describing themselves and you’d don’t have the heart to tell her that changing her deodorant isn’t as important as changing her attitude. Works in describing AVID Acai Lemonade, but not when its your best friend’s bad attitude every she meets a guy who isn’t a perfect 10. No one wants her sass as much as she thinks everybody does. There is a clean, semi-dry finish to the Acai berry, unique flavoring to its core, and showcases what cider innovation is all about. Give AVID Acai Lemonade a try, and you won’t have to worry about them skipping on rent the next month or two. It will pay off.




6.2% ABV

AVID Cider Company


Portland, Oregon