AVID Apple Stardust

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A bulb that is twice as bright lasts half as long. But in the case of AVID Apple Stardust, the exception exists and brings a most interesting cider concept to the world. Starfruit, known otherwise as Carambola, is a species of tree native to the tropical Southeast Asia. This is where it is grown in elevations up 4,000 feet. This is that Southeast Asia tour that you’ve been waiting for, right in a can of AVID Apple Stardust. A pleasantly tart, sour and semi-sweet flavor profile that lands between a ripe pear and a green grape. The exotic nature of the Carambola makes the AVID Apple Stardust something to savor, is each sip is refined with new notes of fruit forward experiential tasting.




AVID Cider

5.8% ABV

Portland, Oregon