Avid Watermelon Rhubarb

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AVID Watermelon Rhubarb is a giant 19.2 ounce can of goodness. The fact that it tastes like a giant jolly rancher doesn’t escape people when they crack open a can of AVID Watermelon Rhubarb. There are simple, natural flavors of a sweet, fresh-pressed watermelon that couple nicely with fleshy stalks of Michigan grown rhubarb. The flavors of AVID Watermelon Rhubarb compliment each other, in a crisp, clean, refreshing cider. AVID Watermelon Rhubarb has a tasteful balance of sweet and tart. AVID Watermelon Rhubarb has it all, and dares you not to consume the entire contents quickly, enjoying every last addictive drop.



19.2oz Can

AVID Cider

6.2% ABV


Portland, Oregon