Bad Granny

Bad Granny Honey Crisp

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Bad Granny Honey Crisp ain’t like your other granny. Bad granny honey crisp is a bit rougher around the edges for the right reasons. Bad Granny honey crisp is a light straw in color, but bright and beautiful where it counts; aromas of honey crisp apple and citrus. Bad Granny Honey Crisp is compared to a tropical Sauvignon Blanc, not that she’s ever traveled that far or speaks that French language stuff. If you sit, sip and give Bad Granny Honey Crisp a listen (or a drink), you’ll learn something about yourself that’s worth of knowing. It’s the history of the apples in these parts of Wenatchee, some of the best in the world, all to make a great Honey Crisp cider which is enjoyable to the last drop.




Bad Granny Cider

6.9% ABV

Wenatchee, Washington