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D's Wicked Bare Naked

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D’s Wicked Bare Naked is everything that it’s Baked Apple cousin has, without the cinnamon and sweet. D’s Wicked Bare Naked is that stripped down version like a great blues guitar that doesn’t need the fireworks of a rock & roll show to amaze and entertain you. D’s Wicked Bare Naked is less sweet, with no added spices, and has all of the flavors of freshly cut Honey Crisp and Granny Smith apples. Basically, its Bob Dylan with the acoustic guitar, rather than the sham-version of Dylan after he went to electric and started rolling out commercial hits for zero critical acclaim. Sure, you can enjoy both versions, but sometimes, you know in your heart what is really good and what is just there for the masses. D’s Wicked Bare Naked has hints of Anjou pair and citrus on the finish, because like the great Dylan songs of memory, the cider took its time to develop itself into something great.




D’s Wicked Cider

6.9% ABV


Kennewick, Washington