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D's Wicked Green Apple

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D’s Wicked Green Apple is a bit different than its cousins of Bare Naked or Baked Apple. D’s Wicked Green Apple is a premium, artisanal, hand crafted hard cider. It went to school at the University of Washington when every other poor kid went to Washington State University. It has all of the freshest Washington Granny Smith Apples, and it references books that no one of its friends ever read. That’s because D’s Wicked Green Apple thought higher of itself, hosting an abundance of candied green apple notes. It turned a Smashing Pumpkins wide turn right in its career when every other grunge band was going left. D’s Wicked Green Apple sports hints of caramel, is a dry with a crispy finish. Sure, it gets moody at times, staying in its rented room with twelve roommates despite being older than everyone else, and talks a lot about crypo-democracy. But then there are moments when D’s Wicked Green Apple shines, and you see what everyone else who didn’t invest enough time missed, and you’ll remember it more with every drop that you consume.



19.2oz cans

D’s Wicked Cider

6.9% ABV


Kennewick, Washington