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Herbs Cider Black Note

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Herbs Cider Black Note is that moody teenager cider that won’t come out of its room, but writes some pretty dramatic unicorn poetry if you open up their notebook. They are gifted in school, but with all of the black clothing, you’re skeptical. That’s where Herbs Cider Black Note meets you on its terms; made from a blend of 100% organic Washington grown apples and Pacific Northwest blackberries. Notice that it doesn’t care to add a lot of sugar or other stuff to impress you. Herbs Cider Black Note is light-bodied like Wynona Ryder in Beetlejuice with low bitterness, and has a fruit forward with pronounced blackberry flavor and aroma. Just don’t ask it to do the dishes or its homework, it will get to that when its good and ready.




Herb’s Cider

6.5% ABV


Bellingham, Washington