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Incline Hopped Cider

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Incline Hopped Cider is a flagship apple cider. It is something that stands on the bow, defiant as it shows off how great an apple cider with hops can be. Incline Hopped Cider is a great entry point for any IPA beer lover, because it uses several different hops; a blend of Citra, Cascade and Galaxy, in order to pull in various citrus aromas. Incline Hopped Cider offers up a balanced, bright, refreshing attempt at making sure that those IPA beer lovers entry point toward cider is not a heavily-sweetened one. Instead, this Incline Hopped Cider makes its place in a fridge, by aggressively reassuring you that its just hard apple juice, but something more, something bold, something worthy of your palate.



12oz can

Incline Cider

6.5% ABV


Tacoma, Washington