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Incline Lemongrass

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The legend of Incline Lemongrass in a cider may raise an eyebrow, until you take that first sip and let it rest on your tongue for a moment. There Incline Lemongrass becomes something greater than itself, not just a lemongrass in name, but also in flavor, where you experience the citrus notes of lemon and grapefruit that will hit you in the back of your eyes. The nose of rich flavor will be a tart, balanced finish worth your time and energy. Incline Lemongrass is that cider that you pour into a wine glass, savor slowly as you sit on the porch at night, as the world winds itself down from another busy day while you relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful and measurement of time.




Incline Cider

6.5% ABV


Tacoma, Washington

2019 GLINTCAP Bronze Medal

2018 GLINTCAP Gold Medal

2017 GLINTCAP Bronze Medal