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“Live At The Barrel” Tasting Livestream May 13 ONLY

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It’s the “Live At The Barrel” Livestream Show!

This is a subscription. You will be charged $20 monthly to be part of this tasting show (plus $20 in shipping).

What this subscription includes:

  • A six pack of hard cider.
  • Swag from the cider makers participating.
  • A hosted livestream, with each of the participating cider makers.

Each 6 pack will include a variety of cans (sometimes including 16oz or 19.2oz, but most likely 12oz) that can be used to “taste” on the livestream along with the host and the cider makers. Plus, there is swag. Most likely way more stickers, and other fun swaggy things. All 6 packs will be shipped or picked up in the week prior so that you have enough time to receive them.

A link will also be emailed to you on the day of the livestream so that you can join, etc.

The livestream will be recorded, put up on Facebook Live and YouTube, so if you miss it, but still have the tasting package, you can follow along at another time.

For $20, that’s pretty nuts.

Our April 8 show SOLD OUT. So, order today and be part of the automatic “tasting” group.

Here is what the April 8 livestream looked like (youtube link)

We will attempt to feature 3-4 different cider makers per livestream. All offerings will be in aluminum cans, not bottles.


May 13, 2021 Tasting Show Lineup:

  • Yonder Cider
  • Republic of Cider
  • Schilling Cider
  • Union Hill Cider