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Portland Cider Concord Grape

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2019 SF International Wine Competition Bronze Medal

2018 New York International Beer Competition Bronze Medal

2018 Sip Northwest Best of Northwest Judges’ Choice

If there a reigning purple crown jewel of Portlandia, then the Portland Cider Concord Grape Cider might be it. Many things aren’t purple in Oregon, especially because the last thing a U of O fan wants to see is a wall of purple Husky fans in their area. But the Concord Grape’s deliciously tart blend of 100% Northwest apples, coupled with fresh pressed Concord Grapes, is considered a welcome exception. The result is a delightful treat, unlike the 70-21 UW win in Eugene in 2016 which probably was a CSI-level crime. This once-seasonal release Portland Cider Concord Grape has now been made year-round due to its popularity.



19.2oz Can

Portland Cider

5.2% ABV


Portland, Oregon