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For Portland Cider, the Kinda Dry is their hooligan offering that started it all. Sure, it had some tough times on the street, what with the hustling and making certain that it paid its propers without getting in trouble with the wrong set. But it listened to momma, got out of the life, and became something of itself, even getting her a house in a nice neighborhood with no bars on the window. Because Portland Cider Kinda Dry was different for its time, a unique take on an English style cider made with 100 percent Northwest apples, it just didn’t fit in anyway with the competitor ciders, but that’s what made it stand out even to this day. While Kinda Dry will always have its place to the heritage of Portland Cider owner Lynda’s UK home of Somerset, it can never truly go back there and become a hooligan. Portland Cider Kinda Dry was for a bit a Bath City fan until 1989, and now, with it sitting in the sixth tier, Portland Cider Kinda Dry has moved on to showcase a balanced, crisp semi-dry fan supporter. Probably more of a Milwall fan, the type when it enters into a pub, you better watch yourself otherwise the Milwall brick will come out, and there will be hell to pay. After all, Portland Cider Kinda Dry has multiple Gold medals and is a best-selling cider, which doesn’t mean shite if it doesn’t protect its turf in the old neighborhood.


19.2oz Can

Portland Cider

2018 Seattle Cider Awards Double Gold Medal

2017 Sunset International Wine Competition Gold Medal

2015 Oregon Wine Awards Gold Medal

6.9% ABV


Portland, Oregon