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Portland Cider Pineapple Rosé

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Much like Elvis Presley’s Hawaiian Concerts in the 1970s, the Portland Cider Pineapple Rosé emerges out of nowhere to surprise you with the depth and character that you’ve been missing in modern ciders. It presents a bursting amount of juicy, rich, fresh pineapple flavoring with a lovely pink hue from a splash of Northwest-grown blueberries. You may not make it to the Islands anytime soon, but much like the King of Rock & Roll, you can do a satellite visit there with this amazing taste. Treating yourself with a fruity, tropical concoction isn’t a bad issue in 2020 and beyond, and will provide with your taste buds with a respite from all of that fast food you’ve been eating way too much of lately. Only real pineapples are used in the Portland Cider Pineapple Rosé, which means that they were harmed for your benefit, giving off a delicate, delightful tropical note as you forget about all of the noise pollution going on outside your house because your neighbor has decided to use their leaf blower at 8 p.m. on a Wednesday night for zero reason other than he’s retired and bored.



12oz Can

Portland Cider

2020 San Francisco International Wine Competition Silver Medal

5.2% ABV


Portland, Oregon