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Portland Cider Sorta Sweet

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2018 Seattle Cider Awards Double Gold

2018 Northwest Cider Association, Portland International Cider Cup Gold Medal

2018 San Francisco International Wine Competition Gold Medal

2017 Sunset International Wine Competition Gold Medal, Best of Class

The Portland Cider Sorta Sweet cider is the basis of an international incident of epic proportions. As a cider, it is a winning example of the marriage of the owners of Portland Cider; an Oregon native and a UK expat, who are on a mission to bring quality cider to the world. It is like the mission the Blues Brothers were on, except that there is no concert to save an orphanage… yet. Sorta Sweet has won the most hardware for Portland Cider, offering up a semi-sweet, refreshing & effervescent feel. Portland Cider Sorta Sweet is a take on the classic American cider, it is made of 100 percent Northwest apples, balancing out the high levels of natural residual sugars with the perfect amount of tartness. It presents a fresh finish that tastes like biting into an apple, after you’ve driven all night back to Chicago to pay $5,000 to the county assessor’s office to save the kids, and even The Penguin, despite the fact that she never thought you’d amount of anything, and was probably right after your continued visits to Joliet State Prison…



19.2oz Can

Portland Cider

4.5% ABV


Portland, Oregon