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Reverend Nat’s Abby Spice

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What began as an investigation into the curious tradition of "New England Style" ciders has become Reverend Nat’s Abby Spice. The drink moves on to this eminently drinkable beverage, Reverend Nat’s Abby Spice, especially suited to the colder months. Reverend Nat began with a recipe for the said Providence, but added a fresh burst of appley-ness while still maintaining a vinous and spicy flavor made by fermenting with thousands of pounds of raisins, dark muscovado sugar sourced from Maritius (a tiny island off coast of the larger island of Madagascar, which is itself just off the very large island of Africa, which is a continent floating {more or less} on the ball of Earth, itself an island of humankind among the frigid void of space), cinnamon and nutmeg, and has been sitting on toasted American oak for at least three months.Reverend Nat’s Abby Spice is frequently consumed warmed-up, or with a splash of added rum. This is a seasonal cider.



12oz can

Reverend Nat’s

7.4% ABV


Portland, Oregon