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Reverend Nats Revival Hard Apple

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Reverend Nat’s Revival Hard Apple gets to the basics of your soul, my friends. Reverend Nat’s Revival Hard Apple shares with you the story of its creation, where you have to live, breathe and drink the best cider ales possible, deep in the heart of Portland, Oregon. Reverend Nat’s Revival Hard Apple has got Washington grown apples rising up in its cider, and a flare for the dramatic, featuring Mexican Pilochillo negro and exotic yeast strains that will have you seeing the light. That’s right, Reverend Nat’s Revival Hard Apple is about you seeing the light cider taste upon your palate, and the complication of exotic yeast strains, hitting the back of your tongue as it rolls down your throat. The Mexican Pilochillo is something to beyond, my friends, when you drink a Reverend Nat’s Revival Hard Apple, because it is a righteous feeling as you take yet another swig. Now pass along the plate so we can help others understand Reverend Nat’s message as he spreads the word about his ciders.




Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider

5.8% ABV


Portland, Oregon