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Herbs Cider Rim Shot

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Herbs Cider Rim Shot is the rebel of the group. It wasn’t satisfied by just being another good cider. Nope. It was sitting in the back of class, while the teacher was droning on, and started scribbling on several ways to make IPA beer loves try a great cider combination. That’s when Herbs Cider Rim Shot started thinking and getting to work; it added hops to the mix, but not just any dry hops; Washington hops – literally the best in the world. And Herbs Cider Rim Shot used its hazy dry cider look to add in 100 percent organic Washington grown apples. So, when the teacher tried to stump Herbs Cider Rim Shot by calling it up to the front, to write out the problem on the board, Herbs Cider Rim Shot totally shocked the class by not only getting the equation right, but also looking like Good Willing Hunting, showing off that the complexities inside of it were worth paying attention to. When you drink a Herbs Cider Rim Shot, you get enough hops to mistake it for an IPA beer, and that’s all Herbs Cider Rim Shot truly wanted, was to be accepted by everyone.




Herbs Cider

6.5% ABV




Bellingham, Washington