Schilling Chaider

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Schilling Chaider is a special hard cider that has been a hit with our customers. Not to mention the whole owl with a toque hat, which is so Canadian Great White North that it should be made up in a province beyond the border. Luckily for those of us in the lower 48, Chaider is made by Schilling Hard Cider in Seattle, Washington, and is married with a ton of pumpkin pie spices that are married with Portland’s Dragonfly Chai. This is that pumpkin spice latte that you wanted, where it had the kick of a bit of alcohol, in a hard cider, without the whole actual pumpkin flavoring. And its Chai, which means that you are finding your center of the universe with one foot on your leg during your meditation sessions. This is something to share with your guru in the hot yoga studio. Whether you decide to wear a toque hat or not.




Schilling Hard Cider

6.5% ABV


Seattle, Washington