Schilling Excelsior

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8.5% ABV

Seattle, Washington

The trouble with nerds is that they often use space, science or comic book references which isolate more than welcome new people into the fold. They do this because they have no talents, often like Michael from the Godfather movies, who had none of the complexities of the old man. Excelsior is built for a different time as a cider, but not in the future as much as in the past, back when people would load up jugs and race the local authorities to the board. With an 8.5 percent ABV, this is a refined enough cider process to not emulate those times in the past, when a good standard white lightning hooch might have made hillbillies go blind. Excelsior won’t get you that far, its about a 1,000 proof off from that type of experience, but it is one of the highest ABV ciders on the market today. The excelsior, an imperial apple cider, is one for the ages. Combining old world cider techniques with new world innovation. And don’t get in your car after drinking a few of these, because the local authorities have improved their jurisdiction, and you should be smart enough to call an Uber. This is the 2020s, not the 1820s.