Schilling Passport

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Schilling Passport allows you to go away to a different time, a different port, around the world of tropical flavoring delight. Schilling Passport is an unfiltered chance to see what lies ahead, leaving the past behind in a Waiting To Exhale, burn up his damn car for cheating on you type of way. With Schilling Passport, you can log a lot of miles, see a lot of things, and potentially get your groove back with some nice young island man while your ex is still trying to slide in your DMs because his side piece wasn’t as thrilling as he thought she was while they were sneaking around on you during your marriage. Schilling Passport doesn’t remind you of anything of a fun, tropical designation for your palate, where you can consume its bright, balanced and refreshing pineapple passionfruit citrus cider, and think about maybe going Carrie Underwood on the car of your next boyfriend if he ever even thinks of stepping out of line.




Schilling Hard Cider

6.5% ABV


Seattle, Washington