Spire Mountain

Spire Mountain Dark And Dry

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There’s something about a dark, brooding cider that captures the attention of the room. Sure, the rest of the surroundings could be a mess, but the second that Spire Mountain Dark And Dry enters the room, a hush falls over the crowd, as if there’s expectations of something more. For those trying Spire Mountain Dark And Dry, they will experience a sweet start with a dry finish, balanced with notes of caramelized sugar that overtake your senses, and leave you ready to take a nap after a hard winter’s day logging in the mountains as you clear massive roadways for oxen and such. Spire Mountain Dark And Dry is the big brute that you’ve been waiting for in a cider. This is a rounded, intricately laid cider that will appear to beer and wine snobs, but really is reserved for cider enthusiasts, as it presents a massive ale after leading a raiding party and is worthy of a large carved beast as you sing in the halls of Valhalla.




Spire Mountain

5% ABV


Olympia, Washington

2018 Tastings International Cider Championships Gold Medal

2015 Pacific Northwest Cider Association People’s Choice Award

2015 Pacific Northwest Cider Association Gold Medal, Specialty Cider

2009 North American Brewer’s Association Gold Medal