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Square Mile Hopped Cider

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The problem with Square Mile Hopped Cider is that it still thinks it’s in the best shape of its life when it walks into the bar with a large cowboy hat & spurs, then has to take down the other ciders that feel threatened by its presence. The Square Mile Hopped Cider handles itself well, putting on a Northwest twice to the classic American hard cider, but still gets tired sometimes of having to fight everyone else in the bar to prove itself. These things happen when you add so many Galaxy hops that the nerdish craft brews are asking questions, even though the process happened through cold conditioning and its frankly none of their business. None of the heat was added to the hops, which means that the Square Mile Hopped Cider takes on flavors, offering up aromas of peach, melon, and honeysuckle, without the overall hops bitterness; things that a craft beer can’t understand or won’t. Let them have their comic book references and isolate themselves from others, acting misunderstood with all of that craft privilege. Meanwhile, Square Mile Hopped Cider will continue to be the best served straight up cider, allow the complexities to shine without any of the insecurities that craft beers display.




6.7% ABV

Square Mile Cider


Portland, Oregon