Tart Hard Cider

Tart Hard Cider Granny Grudge

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Tart Hard Cider Granny Grudge sits on her porch, yelling at those neighbor kids to get in line, because she ain’t having it. And if you give her lip, you’ll get one upside-the-head for your mouth. That’s because the Granny is tart, tangy and full of flavor. Tart Hard Cider Granny Grudge ain’t taking nobody’s lip. She’s worked too hard in life. And if you even look like you’ll change the TV when she’s got Phil Donahue or Oprah going on the set, she’s call that out even though you think she’s crocheting a new throw blanket for that sofa no one sits on in her day room. The sofa that has the plastic sheeting on it to keep the sofa from being new or damaged, like its some prized possession despite its aqua maroon combination coloring. Everything that Tart Hard Cider Granny Grudge does is old school, right down to making you feel like you are drinking a fresh Granny Smith apple straight from the tree when you crack open the can.




Tart Hard Cider

6.9% ABV


Olympia, Washington