Tart Hard Cider

Tart Hard Cider Passion Fruit

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Tart Hard Cider Passion Fruit is that ex who your mother likes more than you, and tells you often that you need to get back with. Tart Hard Cider Passion Fruit has been there, texting you for a while now, asking if you want to Netflix and chill, while pretending that their psycho history ain’t gonna be an issue anymore. Because that’s what Tart Hard Cider Passion Fruit does, it waits you out until you’ve had enough, then it acts all innocent when you go back to it, take a taste, rekindle that old flame. Honest, it’s a good time had by all, except that the good time sneaks up on you, and then you or it wants more, again and again, and you’ll be totally Tart Hard Cider Passion Fruit until you figure out an exit plan with your family or your one true friend you’ve ignored all along. Sounds like you got issues, bub. Start with drinking some Tart Hard Cider Passion Fruit, see where it takes you, and remember that you were warned about too much of a good thing.




Tart Hard Cider

6.9% ABV


Olympia, Washington