Yonder Velvet Cashmere

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We have a special FLASH sale of Yonder Velvet Cashmere. This is not available in Olympia except for The Cider Barrel. And we are selling these online in 4-packs and 6-packs. Once they are gone, they are gone.

'The ultimate holiday cider treat: Velvet Cashmere. A limited release collaboration with Fast Penny Spirits featuring a blend of Yonder's Cashmere cider (Cranberry, Dark Cherry + Bitter Orange) and Fast Penny's Amaricano amaro! Perfect for the holiday season."

Also notes on the amaro used: "Inspired by Italian tradition, Americano balances rich and herbaceous tones for a breathtakingly bold experience. Distilled West Coast grapes frame this lush amaro, brimming with cocoa nibs, Rainier cherries, Yakima hops and locally foraged truffles bound with a bevy of botanicals for good measure."

Apples: Fuji, honeycrisp, pink lady, granny smith, ashmead’s kernel, various red fleshed apples.

We’ve taken our Negroni-inspired winter seasonal - Cashmere - and blended it with Fast Penny Spirits’ Amaricano amaro for a cider unlike any other.

Perfectly tart with notes of cranberry, dark cherry and bitter orange, the addition of amaro brings a beautiful richness to this cocktail-like creation. Aromas of toasted sugar and dark fruit shine through while hints of truffle, vanilla bean and Mexican chocolate mingle with a savory bitterness.